Khamis, 1 April 2010

Sleepy HEAD !


Hoho..i just woke up from sleep. Oh! its already 9 o'clock. Without i realize the time has past through really fast. 
Well today is 1st of April right ? Happy April FOOL to all beloved friends out there. Even though i am not celebrating it Hahaha.

Never been April FOOL since last i am in form 5. ;)

Today was bored and not so fun. My lappy make a problem. I think he has a "senggugut".grrrr..
I hope he gonna be okay soon. Be strong my Lappy. ;)



fateen said...

Senggugut ? Oh no ! Haha .
I nye server very low gila lah , nak update pun susah .
mengspoilkan betul mood saye :P

EryTaleb said...

tau takper..
sian dia kener "senggugut"..

ouhh low eh..kener guner satelite punyer piring nie..heeee