Sabtu, 3 April 2010

Spend time with my Dadda at Golf Course !

Father and Son's Day Out

"One father is more than a hundred Schoolemasters."  ~George Herbert

Feuhhh ! Tiring Golf
Who said playing golf is easy?
Who said playing golf is not exhausted?
Who said playing golf don't have a challenge?
Who said golf is a dumb game?

That was all WRONG !
I repeat myself, it's WRONG !

I played golf with my father and lil brother
It's like father and son's day out
we spend the time together in the golf field
Have a cit chat about golf swing and tips

He was an awesome guy i ever met
He is a mentor to me and my lil brother
He guided us till we can swing properly
He know what right and wrong for us
He is the true teacher in our life

I know how hard is playing golf
It's a game of intelligent
It's a game for the brilliant
It's a game where u need to think and aspired yourself
You are fighting for yourself in the field
Your are motivated yourself 
Nobody help you
Only you and yourself with the golf's set

From now own
Don's judge the game without trying it 
You experience it by yourself and then talk

Quotes of the day
"Practice doesn't make perfect but practice make permanent"