Jumaat, 7 Mei 2010


hey hey hey ! im back !
hehee...sory guys. its been a while. quite busy rite now. have a lots of work to do. luckily i still have time in the weekend. 

I want to share with you a story. its a tragic story.only people who 18 and above only can read. ;p~
This story happened yesterday. The location is at Pucong Jaya. Time the incident happened is at 8.00 p.m

There was one guy who drove a small car called Kancil. He always wake up early in the morning and go to work early. So he always pass by the guard house because he need to swap the card. He lived with his brother who rent a house at Pucong Height. He as the visitor need to left his license at the guard house. So he left it here but the old one. Because he is so lazy to stop and drop the license everyday he made a decision to left it there. For your info, he use his brother's card to swap everyday since his brother use a motorcycle to go to work.

Yesterday. when he reached the guard house at 8.00p.m. There was one guard who is the arrogant and act like he was the head of the guard stop him. 

GUARD: Where is your license?

GUY: I already gave it to you.I got the pass.

GUARD: When? Where the visitor's pass?

GUY: Here it is ! (show the pass)

GUARD: (took it) Number 14 check for the license. (another guard the license). You need to change the license everyday.

GUY: Hey ! what do you want anymore !! i already left my license there. what for i need to change it everyday. who are u !!? are u Malaysian !!?

GUARD: errr..yes im Malaysian.

GUY: Is it? show me your IC then.

ANOTHER GUARD: hey are u policeman to see our IC.

GUY: (SHOUTED) Are u policeman to keep my license !!!

The end

The guy very pissed of with the guard because everyday ask for the license. Yesterday the bomb explode at last. After a long time been kept inside. The guard was a foreigner but act like he is local. FUCK UP !