Selasa, 1 Jun 2010

Superb Dinner

Makes me drooling

Delicious meats.Hmmmm

Oh ! Hello to each and everyone of u. How are u doing? I hope your last weekend was a blast for u. Its a 3 days off for the government servant. So, its a good time to spend with the whole family. Well i hope u have fun.

For me last weekend was an outrageous weekend for me. hahahaa. First of all, i want to thank to my sisters, brother and parents. U are all awesome. I LOVE U ALL!!

Guess what? We had a big BBQ party last Saturday. Its a second time this year but this time we done it with a complete family members. Before was without my precious queen, my beloved mother. Grateful to ALLAH because u gave us such a wonderful time. ALHAMDULILLAH. 

i want to apologize to all of u because there is no pictures. If not this post could be more interesting. My brother left his DSLR at pucong. hehehe..

Thats all i want to share with u guys. toodles~~