Khamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Starting to make a comeback..

Last evening at my place. There was a friendly match between UniKL and Uitm. The game was started at 6.00 pm and finish at 7.15pm. UniKL lost to Uitm 1-2.

It was a fair game. Both team have nearly same strength, agility and motivation. But advantages for Uitm players because their players mostly fit. For us mostly not fit but have a strong motivation to play that derive us to go forward. For me i only have 15- 30  percent of fitness. 

This is the first game for me since last 2 years. This game also is a starting game for me to make a comesback. Looking forward to play rugby as my priority game. =) pray for me guys. 

P/S: Im so lucky not collapse during game...=)