Jumaat, 12 Ogos 2011


i don't know why it is happened for a sudden.It like a being hit by a baseball bat from behind. I'm so blurr, i don't know what happened. I just want you to know this things:-

  • ALL the LOVE quotes i post was for you. I sincerely dedicated it for you. Only for you because you were in my head..
  • My feeling towards you are coming from my heart. You attracted me from the first time i saw you. 
  • ALL the thing i said it to you was true. No lie and it's coming from my heart. I mean it on each word i said to you.
  • i don't have anyone besides my family, siblings and my friends. 
  • I LOVE YOU and i'm serious to be with you. NO matter what happen. ILL face it.
i want you to remember the word i gave it to you. Remember the conversation we had, i called it "HEART T0 HEART". I said this to you, " Ery anggap ini dugaan pertama ery. i'll face it dear." ALL I WANT IS TO BE WITH YOU, I DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU. ='( 


p/s:NO one else in my heart.It is only your name write in it. Your face appeared when i close my eyes. ONLY you.


juwita said...

semua punya hikmah. sabarlah.
tetapkan hati supaya ery sayang dia sorang je.

EryTaleb said...

aaminn..harap dia tahu perasaan ery pada dia macam mana..

liyani rasdi said...

what u give u get back...


Doa la byk2.. Doa la therapy yg paling baik.. I know u.. kalo sayang tetap sayang kat org 2..jgn berubah hati...