Jumaat, 9 April 2010

What you GONNA be in 5 years ?

Have YOU ever been think about your FUTURE life ??
Thinking, thinking and keep thinking

Oh hey ! Sorry for didn't update the blog for a few days. I had a problem but it's okay now. Alhamdulillah. ;)
If u rate my post before it's about the dizziness rite? Yeah it's happen to me myself where my head like spinning around and i felt like i am flying high. I'm not taking any drugs okay. I am CLEAN. NO DRUGS, DON'S SMOKE and NO ALCOHOL. But what i am shocked is my BP (Blood Pressure) was high 129/81 for a youngster like me. Doctor said that i'm in PRE-hypertension level.*Sighh but everything will be okay. ;)

Back to the business again, Have you think about what you gonna do 5 years later? How the world gonna be in the future? How about the price of the goods gonna be?
The most we are afraid of is the living life cost right. For those who stay in KL there already felt the trace. For those who stay in the village, there still in a average lifestyle. Not much they want to spent but still spending.

For me now, i have seen the future i want to be in. It's a big opportunity to grab. Now, i am forwarding myself to achieve the better phase in life and to help myself and the family together. It's all about the money we invest and what we get for it. I had found it..


Do you want to be like this?

Do YOU want to be like this?? 
Satisfied with what you had indeed you can UPGRADE you to a better one and more stable.

I have a chance for you to have  BIG CHANGE !